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11 September 2012

I love watching Scott Parker play. I don't support Tottenham.

But I love the man.

And not because he's one of the world's best players. Because he isn't. Though he is a hard-grafting, top-class....    



It’s the in-the-moment fervour of anyone who’s ever stood in a stadium and felt one with their team, their game, their crowd, their world.

And it’s the cry of someone who’s forced to make a stand.

This Is What We Are catapults you into experiencing the unaskable - What happens to you if your club dies? - while including broader reflections on rugby and football around Europe and even the States.

It’s compulsive reading for fans. And if you’re close to one of those splendid lunatics who seem to live only for their team, this book will give you a unique insight into what makes them tick.


“Shades of Nick Hornby as author Jack Fenwick reflects the agonising life of a put-upon rugby fan in Italy... Written in snappy vignettes, it’s a delightful insight into the diehard fans so often forgotten by the political wheeler-dealers.” RW Rating ★★★★ Alan Pearey, Rugby World
“This Is What We Are will strike a chord with anyone who has ever fallen hopelessly in love with a club, of whatever sporting creed." Jim Hawker, The Times

"A rare and passionate insight into Italian rugby" Paul Williams, Rugby Blogger for Rugby World Magazine, occasional Red Zone Analyst for BBC Scrum V.

“A witty, emotional and eye-opening account" Barry Irving, former professional rugby fly-half with London Scottish, Glasgow Warriors and Rugby Parma and Scotland A cap

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